Top Tips for How to Use Facebook for Business

Top Tips for How to Use Facebook for Business

Learn How To Use Facebook for business

Does your company have a Facebook account? The world’s largest social network recently passed 2 trillion global active users. If your business has a Facebook presence, it’s just the start. The next step is to learn how to use facebook for business and here are some helpful tips for your business page:


1.  Think about your Facebook goals

Figuring out how to use facebook for business starts with asking the right questions. Why is your company on Facebook? What are your goals/objectives? Who’s your target market? These are all critical questions to find answers to to maximize results from your business page.


There are tons of goals a business can have on Facebook including:


·         Boost web traffic

·         Establish yourself as an expert

·         Build brand awareness

·         Find new business partners

·         Expand your reach

·         Increase sales/profits


There’s no right or wrong Facebook goals your company can have. That said, it’s critical to figure out what you’re trying to achieve with your business page. Who’s your customer profile? It’s also important to use tools like analytics tools and market research to determine which demographics are included. This will also help to put you on the right track.


2. Study the social platform

In order to get the best results from your company’s Facebook page it’s important to understanding some of the key mechanics of the platform. For example, keep in mind that not all of your fans actually see your company’s posts. In fact it’s lower than 16%! Facebook’s EdgeRank formula contains different factors.  For example, different posts have different “weights,” posts lose value as time passes due to “decay” and a closer relationship between a poster and viewer results in a higher “affinity” score.


3. Make regular posts

How often should you post on Facebook? Various studies show 1-2 posts per day provide the best results. Meanwhile, if you post at irregular times it can cause a negative impression among visitors. Do some experiments to find the best time to reach your target market. A content calendar can help to make sure your company is making regular posts on its business page. The key is to find the best time(s) of the day to post then do it like clockwork.


4. Review Facebook’s Terms of Service

If you break Facebook’s rules, it can result in your business Page being shut down. Make sure to learn the TOS and check for updates about things like rules for Cover images.


5. Focus on your Facebook space

The social network gives your business page space that can cause your visitors to remember your site if you focus on the right things. They include your cover & Profile image and About section. The cover image size should be 851p x 315p and can include up to 20% text. Meanwhile, the profile image size should be 180p x 180p. Finally, the About section can include about 155 characters and shows up in the profile. If you can fit in your website address it’ a good idea to do that.


Are you ready to try these tips about how to use Facebook for business?

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