What is Brand Building?


The things that come to mind when you think about a large company are the things that make up its ‘brand’ – if you think of something as reliable, high quality, affordable, cheap and cheerful, aimed at kids, or ‘serious’, then that is what the brand means to you. Creating a brand image is one of the most important things that any big company can do.

A lot of small businesses don’t take the idea of brand building very seriously, and this is unfortunate, because building a strong brand is a must if you want to help your organization grow. Brand building is what will help a company to become successful in the long term. The problem is that a lot of brand owners don’t really understand how building a brand works.

Does Your Company Have an Identity?

If you take a look around online you’ll find that there are a lot of companies that don’t have a brand – they have a simple website with blue and black writing, their logo is just their name in a plain font, and there’s no ‘impact’ to their image. These are companies that have failed to invest in growing their company – and that failure is going to cost them customers. In the minds of those who discover their website, the company is just a person (or group of people) that will provide a service or product and then move on – with no plans of investment or growth. That failure is a huge sham because many of those businesses have a lot of potential.

Some companies, on the other hand, have a lot of identity. Big brands like Disney, Apple, Nike and Starbucks are all known for serving a specific audience. People can describe their logos easily and they know what the brand means to them – they may or may not like the brand, but either way they have a knowledge of it. In many cases, the brands are so well known that the logos can be recognized even in parts of the world where English is not usually the most commonly spoken language.

The websites of those companies reflect the brand images that they have built up in the bricks and mortar world – from the domain names to the typefaces, the logos, the layouts, and the content. Everything is structured in a way that perpetuates the brand image.

Your brand is what people will recognize when they see your van, your business card, or your website. It is what makes you uniquely you, and it’s important that you invest in it – whether you are a small business owner or part of a much bigger company.

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